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Day 57: What are your thoughts on suicide? February 26, 2012

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Something to think about:
What are your attitudes towards suicide?
1. Is it killing yourself a sin?
2. Is it ever justifiable?
3. Is it selfish or selfless?
4. Is it morally wrong or right?
5. Is it a cival right?

Just some questions to be aware of, so you can evaluate your own thoughts and opinions. The more we are aware of our own beliefs towards the topic, the more we can aid others struggling with suicide ideation.


Day 38: Bullying. Think About It, Learn About it, Don’t Bully. Ever. February 7, 2012

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Very important topic for everyone to education themselves about. Things like this should not happen in school settings. It is the duty of the school to protect each individual student regardless of race, gender or sexuality.

Suicide Hotline January 4, 2011

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