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Day 61: March Human Sexuality Awareness Month March 1, 2012

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“Yesterday, as ThinkProgress noted, conservative shock jock and strident women-basher Rush Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown student who House Republicans wouldn’t let testify at a contraception hearing last week, a “slut” and a prostitute. “She’s having so much sex she can’t afford the contraception,” Limbaugh said. The remarks drew widespread condemnation, with House Democratic […]”

via Limbaugh Doubles Down On Sexist Attack Against Sandra Fluke, Demands She Post Sex Tapes Online.

In the spirit of the recent controversy on birth control and women, I decided March will be a month of Human Sexuality posts for general awareness and discussion.

I find these types of comments, by men like Rush and Santorum, particularly disheartening, I wish I could say shocking, but I’ve come to expect this kind of behavior…and completely one-sided. Would we ever, in our society, try to limit men’s access of Viagra or other sexual aids? Will Rush be demanding Viagra fueled sex tapes as well from men? Being disgusted by women being called “sluts” and “prostitutes” doesn’t make me a “Feminazi”, as Rush easily slings more insults;  it makes me a human being tired of labels and people putting down others. I would hope men and women alike would be disgusted by Rush and Santorum recent comments.

Wanting and needing the opportunity for easy access to contraception does not make women ‘sluts’ as Rush called us, or “prostitutes”. I for one: have a master’s degree, work full-time, and have health insurance… birth control is still around $450 a year. I am in a monogamous relationship; does that make me a slut because I want to use affordable protection? Is it OK for me to have birth control, but not for a woman who has multiple sexual partners? People need to get out of other people’s bedrooms. It’s nobody’s business how little or how much someone has sex, and the access to contraception certainly should not depend upon it.

Birth control is expensive, period. It’s expensive for me with insurance. What about all the women out there who are working for minimum wages? Or have children already to support and are trying to keep their families going? Who do not have health insurance? Is the issue that these women are having sex? I get the feeling that is the issue, regardless birth control is also used to treat various health and mental health issues…

This idea that women are ‘sluts’ or ‘prostitutes’ for attempting to practice safe sex is medieval. Women find themselves vilified throughout history  for having sex, while men glorified for it. I would love for our society to start treating both men and women justly about sexuality, to have equal standards and equal respect towards both sexes. Sexuality is not a weapon used against women (or men). It is crucial element of society, that none of us would be here without. Being respectful of people’s sexuality does not mean that you have to agree with it, it means that you are acknowledging their own human right for free thought and belief. I find myself wondering how these men treat the women in their own lives, and how those women can stand beside them in support.

The issue is not about providing affordable birth control for women in the United States, it’s about trying to force religious or moral beliefs into every woman’s bedroom. Access to affordable birth control is the smaller of a much larger picture: the blatant  inequality and disrespect regarding sexuality in men and women.


Day 57: What are your thoughts on suicide? February 26, 2012

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Something to think about:
What are your attitudes towards suicide?
1. Is it killing yourself a sin?
2. Is it ever justifiable?
3. Is it selfish or selfless?
4. Is it morally wrong or right?
5. Is it a cival right?

Just some questions to be aware of, so you can evaluate your own thoughts and opinions. The more we are aware of our own beliefs towards the topic, the more we can aid others struggling with suicide ideation.

Day 48: what if, what if, what if February 17, 2012

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Another excellent question

Day 40: Rainbow Magic Surrounds February 9, 2012

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Pretty excited to make it to the 40 day post!

Washington passed gay marriage, we are now the 7th state to do so, here’s to hoping there will be many more to come!

I also found out about pinterest yesterday and now feel like: must pin all things!!


Day 39: Sadness Whispers Over Me February 8, 2012

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Day 39, Sadness

I am sad tonight, I had a conflict with my current love interest and it triggered a past fear from previous experiences. Learning to work through the triggers, since its impossible not to ever be triggered.

Suicide Hotline January 4, 2011

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