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Day 10: The Lengths We Go January 10, 2012

Posted by Solo in Seattle in love.

Sometimes I can understand this sentiment, especially since I work with suicidal individuals all the time. I understand the desperation of feeling invisible and unnoticed. It makes people act rashly, do things that common sense would discourage. That being said, I would hope this person could find different ways to connect with whoever they so desperately wanted to prove they were alive to.  Or maybe realize if you are so frantic that you are willing to try to take your own life as an act of showmanship, maybe this person isn’t someone you truly need in your life, however hard that is to accept. It is extremely difficult to step away from relationships, people, or family when you are enmeshed or you care deeply about them, but if the lengths you are willing to go are life threatening, maybe its time to take a step back and reevaluation…because chances are maybe this act will get you noticed for awhile, but what happens when that attention stops? What else do you have left to try? You’ve already tried taking your life, the most precious thing you possess.


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